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Dream Trip to Greece Kick-off

Blog Content

Dream Trip to Greece Kick-off

Nicole Emery

Greetings from London!  Yesterday afternoon my flight landed in Heathrow airport.  This was the official kick-off to a nine week European adventure! 

You know you are in London when you start to see signs for The Underground, red phone booths, double-decker buses, three pronged outlets and you get busted walking on the wrong side of the road a few times.  No, I'm not in Seattle anymore, but with the weather you might think otherwise.  This part of the adventure I've been very fortunate to be staying with a dear sweet friend and her husband.  We haven't seen each other in over four years, but it is as though time never skipped a beat.  The hospitality extended to me has helped with some serious jetlag.  It is making it all the more real that this trip is truly happening.

The couple of days before the trip started I was hitting some serious stress levels pulling things together.  Somehow it all magically happened.  Somehow my life was packed into a small suitcase, small backpack, and purse.  Clothes, toiletries, art supplies, electronics, etc.  It all made it in.

The official traveling setup

The suitcase actually qualifies as carry on luggage according to US standards.  I'm rather impressed it all fit.

Now that the jetlag is disappearing I'm going to jump in the shower and head to the Tate Britain for some spectacular views of art and London.  Living my dream.