Employment Idea

After many weeks of pondering, studying, jotting notes down, researching, and letting my imagination run wild.... a couple of ideas have surfaced as strong possibilities.  One of them I went as far as doing a test run with a friend to get her input.  To my surprise it flowed quite nicely.  There are a few refining steps for going forward, but I would have to say I kinda liked it.  Another idea is around math.  I cannot escape one simple fact - I love math.  Numbers to me are magical.  What is done with numbers and variable is even more magical.  Mathematical concepts come naturally to me.  My current employment situation has nothing to do with math.  To a certain extent it is interesting stuff, but it isn't enough to grab my attention for the long run.  What are these ideas?  Well, below is a list of ideas so far.

  1. Start doing intuitive readings again.  Except this time there is an added bonus/twist to it.  It will incorporate my talent as an artist and engineer.  When I look at someone I honestly can see them as a circuit card.  Maybe incorporating that into artwork.
  2. Creating Soulmate Treasure Maps.  This would be a reading/actual map on how to find your Soulmate.  This is the concept I did a test run of a friend of mine.  The set up and flow came naturally to me.  The reading itself seemed to a good fit with my friend.  More on this later.
  3. Another idea was to work in the "Green" industry calculating risk and sustainability concepts for clients.  Or working with the lifecycle concepts of a product.  This is an area that really does appeal to me.  It has math, working with people, and a product I believe in.  I can still use my engineering background to go forward with this.  This might be a viable source.
  4. Creating an online business around my talent as an intuitive artist.  Again, more on this later.

That is all that has come forward for now.  At some point I'd like a satisfying avenue for combing my math, art, and intuitive talents.  I'm getting closer, but nothing is fully standing out yet.  In time something will surface.