Iceland, Heading Home

Here I sit in Reykjavik, Iceland wonder how nine weeks of my life passed me by.  For that matter.... what will I do next?

The question of what next is a big one to answer.  Right now knowing I've lived a huge dream of my life has given me an enormous amount of relief and freedom.  It has also given me a gaping hole.  Sitting in the space of a fulfilled dream (especially one that has been haunting you for so long) changes your whole being.  Never did I fully understand how those changes were going to affect me.  My view of myself has changed.  My view on life has changed.  My view on my country has changed.  Some people have been left behind because of these changes.  But, where old has left the scene magical experiences have brought new people into my life.  The world became a bit smaller and far more tangible to touch new places.

My cousin once gave me an interesting analogy about our personal fears.  All of us are like cavemen sitting in a cave looking at different shadows from the fire, listening to odd sounds outside, and letting our imagination, or others imaginations, explain the experience.  Only a few of us are brave enough to move beyond the current station in spite of our fears and others.  If you happen to be that person brave enough to do so you get to face choice number two with your discoveries - spend the rest of your time trying to convince others that their caveman fears are wrong, or start a new journey without them.  Again, no matter what you choose the choice is always yours to make.

So, now I've faced my fears, changed my views on a lot of things, decided on new things I want in my life, and now I have to go back home to Seattle today.  What will I choose with re-entry into my home life?  All I can do is take one step at a time.  Now that I've manifested two major experiments into reality this year it is time to tackle the next one - my Souljob.  The Soulmate will have to wait until next year for an answer on this.

Time to start packing up the last of my things for the trip home today.  See you in a few days for a recap of my Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and Reykjavik adventures.