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It's a Sign to Go!

Blog Content

It's a Sign to Go!

Nicole Emery

When in doubt, ask for a sign!
When asking for a sign, ask for it to be obvious.
When asking for the obvious, be open to the possibility.
When the possibility shows up, ask yourself if it feels right.
When it feels right, then go for it!
When it doesn't feel right, then let it pass you by.

This has always been true for me when I'm in a place that I need to make a decision.  The sign has to be obvious and feel right to me.

In my quest to manifest the trip to Greece a few questions popped up for me.  What if the tours I signed up for get canceled last minute?  How am I going to come up with the necessary money by the deadlines?  How am I going to juggle the finances if I decide to sign up for the Alaskan cruise too?  Are there hidden fees I need to be aware of?  These are normal questions to ask when planning a trip of this magnitude.  Both trips feel right for this year.  Just to make sure I asked for a sign to confirm it.  Ask, and it shall be given!

Part one of the two signs surfaced on the weekend.  A feeling hit to call each tour company and asked about payment options, booking, and how they decide to cancel a tour.  Those conversations put my mind at rest.  The answer to the financing came forward.  Then part two of the sign came forward today.  This sign is signature to my personal style of receiving such guidance.  It was a once in a lifetime coupon!  Don't ask me how this happens.  It just does!  Ask anyone that knows me.  When something that is meant to be mine, or happen, it comes in at an impossible price to turn down.  Or, random money shows up to proceed forward with it.

Today I got my big "GO!" sign in the form of a once in a lifetime coupon and an announcement of an unexpected small bonus at work.  The amount is enough to cover all the deposits needed for each tour.  That includes the Alaskan cruise and two Greece tours.  All the criteria has been met to say, "GO!!" from the Universe.  It's obvious and feels right.  More to follow on taking the actions when the bonus arrives in my paycheck in 4 weeks and my friend has a chance to confirm her schedule for the cruise.

Phew... that was a wild confirmation!