Job Detachment

The moment of detachment finally hit me with my current job.  It happened after reading an article about how to handle leaving your job in a professional manner.  According to the article the place of detachment can lead to something called "short-timers" syndrome.  It's equivalent is that of two months before school lets out for summer.  Your ability to focus on homework is zero.  Another example of short-timer's syndrome is the efforts of Spring Fever.  All energetic to do anything except what is in front of you.  Breaking free for a while to enjoy that long awaited moment of sunshine after a long dark winter.  Your focus is clearly miles away.  Focusing on projects at work takes an absorbent amount of my energy.  I'm just not into the type of work I do anymore.  The other problem here is answering the question - what's next?  Sure, there are a few ideas running around in my head, but time will tell which one takes root. 

The feeling of detachment is rather peaceful.  For many years I was completely attached to my life as an engineer; mainly for the many fruits it produced in my life.  It is a career that has served me well.  The breakup is coming.  Pretty sure it will be an amicable one too.  For now, I'll use the advice given in the article on how to stay focused and remain as professional as possible.  Trust that the Universe has a plan of sorts and transition into the something new will be perfectly timed with grace.  At least being in a detached mindset the office politics don't bother me any more.  Life goes on.