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Like Attracts Like, Huh?

Blog Content

Like Attracts Like, Huh?

Nicole Emery

At some point in our education we played with magnets.  We all learned that when you hold two magnets that are on the same polar end they repel.  Or, if you hold opposite polar ends together they attract.  Can you imagine my poor confused engineering brain reading the three Eternal Universal Laws in the book The Law of Attraction by Esther & Jerry Hicks?  The first law is about Law of Attraction.  Basically, you can't understand any other Eternal Universal Laws until you understand fully the first.  Which states: "That which is like unto itself, is drawn." Basically, like attracts like.  Huh?

The first reaction to that statement was throwing the book down and yelling, "Are you kidding me?  Malarkey!"  Not the most mature way to handle learning something new, but it was an honest reaction.  In that moment it was really hard for me to grasp that concept.  It went against the very core of what I know to be true about the physical elements.  My logical brain didn't know how comprehend what was being said.  So I did a logical thing, put the book down and walked away to let it sink in.  The truth was if this concept didn't make sense, then I wasn't going to be able to continue reading the book, or this project.  Then, a few days after that moment, it happened.  It clicked.  This law is something far beyond the physical elements.  It's much bigger!

Through a conversation with a friend about her business it clicked.  In the entire time I have known her (roughly 8 years) she always says the phrase, "I'm so broke I can't...." or "If only I could afford that I could...."  We aren't talking about large purchases either.  We are talking about small practical things.  Daily living things.  She told me she had a secret desire to expand her business into a new area, but it would take money.  It was exciting what she was talking about too.  It seemed like a good fit.  Then she went on to say a few clients that hired her had hit bad times and were unable to pay her.  When she said that last sentence it clicked.  The law of attraction is talking about how we perceive our experience with the world.  Our core beliefs directly dictate the outcomes of our interaction with the world. 

My friend's belief about her personal financial situation directly impacted the type of clients she was attracting to her business.  If your core belief or worry is "I am broke", then the very thing you are trying to bring to you is repelled.  You attract experiences that confirm that core belief.  In her case her clients were broke too.  If you can accept this is your starting point, you and everyone around you are who they are, then everything can be changed.  It will take conscious effort, mindfulness, practice, and patience to break this cycle.  Apparently this epiphany brought me full circle with the remaining two laws.

The Eternal Universal Laws are:

  1. Law of Attraction: That which is like unto itself, is drawn
  2. Science of Deliberate Creation: That which I give thought to and that which I believe or expect - is.
  3. Art of Allowing: I am that which I am, and I am willing to allow all others to be that which they are.

Now that I understand the concept of "like attracts like" I need to take a long hard honest look at my own core beliefs regarding my four manifestation experiments.  What has me held to the single life?  Why haven't I found my passionate job? Why does Greece always escape me?  Why have the three states I've tried to visit never happened?  What belief in me is repelling them?  I have been attracting the opposite experience of the very things I want - nothing.

One thing I have heard over and over through many sources is: Nothing is set in stone.  You can change your mind at any time.  Knowing this and the added piece of Law of Attraction it is time to go dig for some treasures!