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The Adjustment into What's Next

Blog Content

The Adjustment into What's Next

Nicole Emery

So, the transition back... how has that been going?  It has been quite the adjustment going from the high of life adventures back into the world I left four months ago.  Even writing is different as well.  Trying to answer the question "What is my life now?" doesn't have grounded answers yet.  So much personal growth took place that I'm not exactly sure how it all fits together.  Leaving one world to go back to the old leaves you with a lot of unanswered questions. 

The hardest struggle so far has been deciding if I wanted to go back to my job or not, then dealing with whatever was chosen.  Before leaving Greece my mind was made up that I wasn't going back to my old job.  The time away gave me a laundry list of reasons for NOT going back.  All were very strong and valid reasons.  Lots of great ideas came forward with what the next job would be.  I was confident that a new job would surface by the end of the year.  All signs were pointing to move on.

So, what happened?  I went back.

Was it the right choice?  Mixed bag of feelings on this choice for a variety of reasons.  There are two big reasons saying "yes" to this.  First, I didn't want to put myself in financial risk by not going back.  Even though in my heart I knew it wouldn't be that long until the next job surfaced, there is no guarantee as to how long it would take.  Plus, someone once told me the best position to be in when looking for a new job is to already be in one.  We shall see if that statement is true or not over time.  The second, and biggest, reason, is understanding how much I've changed as a person.  Going back into my job, although a very miserable experience, has given me an interesting contrast for comparisons.  Its a lot like going on a diet for four months, losing 30 pounds and then trying to wear clothing from the beginning of your diet.  Things simply don't fit like they used too.  They don't look quite right.  The style doesn't work on you anymore either.  Try as you may, nothing is like it used to be.  Time to invest in a new wardrobe.  For me, it is time to invest in a new job.  My Souljob.

This where it gets exciting for me.  I now have a better idea of what that Souljob looks like, and how I'll go about getting it.  I'm going to follow one of my book about attracting your Soulmate with a slight twist.  Use the book to find my Souljob instead.  I'm really excited about this idea!!  My creativity is non-stop at the thought of this.  More to follow on this.

For now life seems to want me to tie up some loose ends at work, with my family, and take some much needed time to come to grips with all the changes that have occurred.  It isn't easy, but seems to be well worth it. 

In the next week or so I'll be posting a recap of 2011, what I've learned, and what's next in 2012.  All of it has been exciting to say the least.  Thank you for being patient with my writing hiatus.