Where's Nicole?

That is the question of the moment.  A few friends have emailed me asking why the posts stopped.  The month of June has been a little tough for me. First, there was the physical recovery of hiking Angels Landing in Zion National Park and other hiking adventures with my adventure friend Jenna.  Second, Rock Your World Summit had me more nervous than a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.  In the end the nerves were for no reason.  It all went off without a hitch.  Third, Momma Sprite came for a week long visit.  We discussed lots of interesting things, visited with friends, ate scrumptious food, and explored new places.  Fourth, life kicked in with a once in a Creative Sprite's lifetime travel adventure plan.  When these moments of inspiration hit you simply run with it.

August 11th begins my fantastic journey of travel.  There are a few details being worked out as time moves on.  So far I'm on draft number two of this travel itinerary.  The only two elements that have not changed are the trip to Alaska (Aug 11- 26) and my departure to Europe (Sept 1st).  The rest is still a bit too in the air with arrangements.  Although it is quickly getting tacked down with some super fun ideas.  For example, meeting up with friends that are already located in various parts of Europe.  Then there is the test of my patience while my two Greek tours get confirmed.  Both of which will not get final confirmation until about mid-August.  Hopefully while I am on my trip to Alaska it all gets ironed out.

What else is going on behind the scenes at A Creative Sprite's World?  More contemplation about a soulmate and souljob.  Both seem to be a complete enigma to me.  This weekend I have an appointment with a hypnotherapist to do a Past Life Regression and Life-Between-Life sessions.  I'm at a cross roads about both.  Maybe engaging in these sessions will help shed some light on certain actions.  The possibility of experiencing this type of work came from reading books by Michael Newton - Destiny of the Souls and Memories of the Afterlife.  My hope is to find some kind of direction with these two topics.

The adventure continues.  Wonder where Waldo will show up next?