Wisdom of Trely

A few weeks ago I met an incredible woman in her early 50's at a Girl's Night Out social. Her name is Trely, born and raised in South Carolina, and true to her southern roots.  Her southern accent somehow made the conversation more enchanting and warm.  She built her career up from the basics and is a thriving business woman.  Eventually our conversation turned to some of the funny lessons we both had learned. She had plenty of fun anecdotes talking about her first marriage, divorce, kids, moving, dating, and then remarriage.

Suddenly she asked if I had any great loves in my life. At first, I thought she was talking about soul mates & marriage, and said, "No. Only two memorable boyfriends." She laughed with a big smile and said, "Well, let me tell you about my 7 great loves in life." Somehow the feeling of great wisdom was about to be imparted on me with some southern charm.

So, from the school of Trely I learned the following.....

Trely's 7 great loves.

1. The first great love is her parents. They brought her into this world, and that was an act of love no matter what path their relationship took - good, bad, infferent.  Their relationship took many twsits, turns, ups and downs. In her mind they were also the first people she met on her way into this life, and her first education of learning.

2. The second great love is her siblings. She said this was the next set of people she met along the way that would share the same beginnings. No matter the path the relationships took over the years they gave her companionship and roots of understanding.

3. The third great love is God. Being from the south God is the next relationship you learn about. "God has been good to me in so many ways. I love and cherish that relationship." from the words of Trely.

4. The fourth great love was not her first husband. She felt he was supposed to be, but it never felt that way. What she found to be true was the fourth great love title belonged to her children. Each one gave her a sense of love she had never known before.

5. The fifth great love is her best girlfriends. These are the family members you get to pick in life. They have laughed, cried, lived, and shared life together in such an intimate way that is counts in her mind as a great love. Nothing beats the community of your best girlfriends!

6. The sixth great love was a tough one - self love. She said this was the hardest love to learn about and embrace. Once she mastered it, in her words, "I was on fire!" It was the most tremendous peace one could ever experience. Once self-love was in place she said she had so much to give and share with the world. It also, to her surprise, led her to her seventh great love.

7. The seventh great love was her second husband. She said what makes this into the category of great love is she doesn't look to him to fill her up with love and to be validated by him. They experience the relationship from a place that is filled with love from God and together they share in that big love.

This conversation had me mesmerized for hours after. All of the elements of her great loves reminded me so much of the Inner Bonding process and where it takes you.  It was touching and inspiring to hear about her great loves.  Self love touching me the deepest.  My first relationships in this world have a new perspective.  Her parting advice to me was to find my great loves and embrace them for what they are and what they can teach me.  As I explore and embrace my great loves Trely's southern wisdom will stay with me forever.

What are your great loves?

PS.  If you would like to learn more about Trely's adventures you will have to wait for her to publish her book.  When the release date is announced I'll post it here.