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Work in Progress

Nicole Emery

WIP = Work in Progress

The evolution of a blog.

This blog is a work in progress.  The original intent of the blog was to post about my adventures in manifesting.  What is has turned into is a place of discovery for me.  A place to talk about life, post creative writing pieces, and eventually works of art.  The evolution of it has been a fun journey.  Without a doubt this blog is somehow going to turn into a big part of my Souljob.

Writing is a bigger part of me than I ever thought originally.  Being able to take the abstract and make it tangible through writing has shown me what I am capable of.  More than anything it has taught me that it is fun all the way around.  The joy of it has led me to signing up for a conference on networking and brainstorming.  I've even spoken with a website developer to basically Bling-my-Blog.  She helped me realize there is more to my blog than originally thought.  It was a great discussion on creative ways to showcase what this blog is about and where it is headed.  It has also brought about an invitation to be interviewed on my journey as a Creative Sprite.  Other little nuggets of guidance have also shown up along the way encouraging me to keep going with this.  E-books, emails, discussions with friends, life connections in general all point to keep going with the blog.  It is the key I have been looking for to unlocking what my Souljob is.

There are a lot of exciting changes coming in the near future with the Creative Sprite.  Be sure to stop by often to check them out!