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A letter from December 31, 2016

Blog Content

A letter from December 31, 2016

Nicole Emery

My way of creating intentions for 2016 is to write a letter to my current self from my future self.  This has helped me get the ideas flowing.

How would you write a letter to yourself one year from now?  What would you like to see happen in 2016?

Dear Nicole,
I noticed you were struggling with ideas for 2016. Let me help you out.

First of all, take all the time you need in January and February to figure out what you want to tackle in 2016.  It's worth it.  The ideas will come flying forward.  That trip to Portland in February really makes things pop.  You will choose nothing short of BIG and purposeful.  Trust.

Some highlights for you to ponder.  This year is about wholeness and transformation.  Your biggest transformation will not be where you move to (yes, you will be relocating).  It won't even be your career (yes, that's changing too).  It will be in how your view yourself.  It will be a bit of a curvy road to the other side, but oh so worth it.  I'm not going to give away the surprise waiting for you!  Trust me on this one.  It's worth it!!

While we are talking about surprises up for chatting about The Soulmate Chronicles?  You will struggle for a while on how to bring not only your man into your life, but how to getting the writing project off the ground.  I'm here to ruin one part of the surprise.  You will find him.  Rather he finds you.  Oh and is he far more than your mind can imagine right now!  The how is the part I'm not going to reveal.  It will unfold at the right pace.  The cheering crowd you were hoping for does indeed show up.  You were right though.  It did take a village.

Ok, one hint on the how.  You know when you were planning your adventure to Greece five years ago.  You were only going to go for 3 weeks and the adventure turned into 3 months.  Well, it happens like that.  I see you smiling!

Your summer is going to be filled with meeting new people, going to concerts, picking up your paintbrush again, and travel to a few far off places.  You will need the summer of free love.

The most important thing I can tell you right now is you've got this. The people coming into your life will help you see that even more than ever before.  The pen is in your hand my friend to design and write the ending you want.  It's yours to have.

One other thing.  If it isn't an absolute YES, then its a NO.  That statement will make a huge difference in the outcomes you want.  It is what helps you pass up good for amazing.

That's about all I'll share with you now.  Looking forward to connecting with you in 11 months to compare notes.

Big hugs,