5400 miles later.... viva Las Vegas!

Greetings from Las Vegas, NV and Happy Thanksgiving!

My absence from blogging has been for a big reason.  The short version is I decided to become a nomad.  At times in our lives we have to face things that can no longer be hidden - the truth.  What follows is a choice to either accept it as is or make radical changes.  The effort that went into accepting the truth made it harder to live with it.  The only way to accept it was to make radical changes.  Take a risk on the unknown.  So I quit my job, sold off nearly all my things, picked a few target locations, said my goodbyes, and left without a forwarding address.  Welcome to the life of a nomad.

Pretty radical choice, right?  Looking back it wasn't all that radical of a choice.  For the past year I had been working on achieving a certain kind of freedom.  The uncertainty was in not knowing what that life looked like.  For now it is in the form of a nomadic traveler. 

 Grand Forks, ND

Grand Forks, ND

My feet decided to land in Las Vegas, NV for the time being.  What a trip it was getting to Las Vegas - 5400 miles of driving over a three week period of time.  The journey became a way to stop and experience "things beautiful."  Everywhere I went there was a view to remember or a smiling face or moments of sharing with great people.  Looking back at the collection of photos and journal notes it fills me up with gratitude.

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.
— by William Arthur Ward

So, in the spirit of gratitude on a day of thanksgiving, here are my expressions of gratitude.  Enjoy!

The things beautiful from Detroit prior to hitting the open road.

... the G.O.T. Wine group doing a proper send off with a cake of epic taste proportions and a caption "Lucky Lady"
... that moment on the Detroit River where you realize a piece of your heart will always belong to Detroit no matter where you are in the world
... one more Angel Circle of giggles and heartfelt connections
... when a group of Indie Kindreds put there mark on a scarf so a piece of them travels with you
... when a dear friend gives you two bags of Michigan made coffee so you can have a piece of home with you
... that friend that text you to have one last yoga class before you leave
... that friend that connects you with a guy who helps you figure out the dang blue wire on a thermostat change in the 11th hour
... when your parents see you off at the edge of the driveway with Mom in a stance of complete pride and Dad in complete nervousness the only thing he can say is "Don't forget to change the oil in Lumpy" instead of goodbye
...most of all that friend that sends you a letter to your long term destination made from a gift you gave her that holds a key to your happiness

Things Beautiful doesn't end there.  It continued into the road trip in ways I never imagined.  From Northern Michigan to the Plains of Canada to the Northern Rocky Mountains to the Cascades to desert views.  Nature certainly provides some of the most spectacular views.  The people along the way made it even more special.

At this point in the journey a heart that was once broken is finally mending.  We shall see what the road unfolds next.

For now Vegas is the landing point for a while.  Many have asked me consistently these questions: Why Vegas? Did you find the church? Will the nomadic life end for you?  Whatever happened to the Soulmate Chronicles? Can you share what happened in your job? These will be topics for the coming newsletters and blog posts.

What are things beautiful for you?  Any burning questions you want me to answer about the nomadic life?  How are you spending your Thanksgiving?

May Things Beautiful continue to grace your life.

From my nomadic heart to yours,

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