Filling the Well: An experiment in Prosperity

Filling the Well Challenge.jpg

For the month of November I'm doing two things to open doors of possibility in my life.

  • Starting the intense hunt for employment in Portland
  • Filling my well of prosperity

Lets face it, job hunting can be draining, exhausting, have plenty of lessons in rejection, and hit the panic button in us more than we care to admit. The roller coaster can be a bit brutal if we let it consume us in deciding our worth in the work force. Been there. Done that. Have too many t-shirts. This time I want to try something different.  Something that allows me to remember who I am in a way that removes the charge of chaos and uncertainty. At the very least keep a good head on my shoulders with some healthy perspective.

In the past big triggers were the feelings of "lack" or "emptiness" or "unworthy" during the pursuit. Although, normal to experience, they derailed me in keeping the momentum going. This time I'm going to put focus on what I already have and what is coming in on a daily basis through the month of November. An experiment in prosperity begins.

A lesson I've learned over the years is in order for success to happen it requires two distinct ingredients: (1) an unrelenting "why" as your guiding force, and (2) faith that all the resources you need are indeed present, or within reach. I'd like to add a third overlooked ingredient - recognition and honoring of what is. If I can't recognize or honor what I have, then how on earth could I ever expect another to do the same? Additionally, if my well isn't full, then how can I ever operate at a higher capacity without burnout or damage? The experiment in prosperity is an attempt in answering the question if this third idea is a worthy ingredient for success.

Taking stock My Why is super clear and sharp! Now, it is a matter of remembering the clear, and at times obscure, resources that are present for a successful outcome. I believe in my heart that this will make a difference in the overall job hunt experience.

November Challenge: For 30 days I will post on Instagram something that fills my well of prosperity. It can be a thought, a thing, a person, a place, inspiration, Divine guidance, a phrase, etc. Anything that serves as a reminder of what is available to support my journey.

If you would like to follow along, or create your own "Filling the Well" experience, here's the guidelines:

  1. Post a photo daily on Instagram about something that is in your well.
    (you can follow my journey here: @studioneela)
  2. Use one or all the following hashtags:
  3. Have fun with it! Tag me in your posts if you want to (@studioneela). I'd love to see what's in your well!

Cheers to filling our well of prosperity! Let's see where it takes us.