Spark Session

Have questions? Trying to make sense out of chaos?  Looking for inspiration? Do ideas need to be bounced off of a good sounding board?  I use a combination of life experience, Spirit Guides, oracle and/or tarot cars, and instincts to help you in any way I can.

Sessions are done via phone, Skype or email.

Intuitive Art Painting.jpg

Postcards from Spirit

One of my favorite ways to express is through art; especially when it reflects the inner beauty and wisdom of the soul. For the first time ever I will be offering a limited number of custom intuitive art paintings made for you or someone special in your life. 


Mid-Career Sabbatical Consulting

Ever thought about exploring the possibility of a a Mid-Career Sabbatical?  Looking for ideas and adventure? Are you already on a sabbatical and wondering about the "homecoming" process?  Ever wonder how to do it with funding?

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Idea Generating - Change Agent

No matter the subject - technical, product, strategy, adventure, personal, etc. - leading individuals or teams through idea generating sessions is a great passion of mine.  It brings together a wide range of technical expertise, methodology and creativity diversity as a pathway to change and innovative breakthroughs.

Curious about how this can happen for you or your team? Connection is the first step.  Click the contact button and give me a rundown of your subject/project and goals.  We can work it out from there.